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Inner Child Journeying

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The inner child process is a method of working with the triggers experienced in day to day parenting. It offers a safe, step-by-step method for contacting the deep feelings, thoughts and wisdom of the Child self that lives in all of us, clearing a path for healing, ourselves and forming a deeper connection to our children.

The process:

  • Helps develop natural insight, intuition and compassion as parents

  • Helps parents become more effective and attuned

  • Helps to differentiate between parent's own projections vs their children's real needs

  • Helps parents make sense of their own childhood experiences and how these have affected their parenting style

  • Turns parenting challenges into opportunities for personal healing and growth

  • Helps to create a deeper connection between parent and their children

  • Can also create a deeper understanding between couples

It is a simple process of connecting with the undesired triggered moment and feeling into the resonance of the past to help uncover and understand the connection to any unfulfilled developmental needs we experienced at the relevant developmental stage, and working on how to address those missing needs in adult life. This often leads to a changed perspective and energy in the parent-child relationship.

Inner Child Journeying can be a formal process, or may simply be incorporated as part of a gentle conversation.

To find out more, contact me to book an introductory conversation or a full hour session.

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