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I was looking for a transition from nappies to pants when my daughter was 2 years. I searched and searched for organic training pants and at the time I could only find them in the US from a company called Under The Nile. I decided to let my daughter decide, and she said 'pants'. So I looked around at organic pants and surprisingly I couldn't find them anywhere and then I found a local company Sprout Organic that had some really lovely organic cotton pants and some 97% organic cotton - 3% elastin in some really fun designs. We tried them and have been buying them ever since.

The fit is perfect, because of the elastin content gives them a little stretch but without ever becoming baggy.

The designs change frequently and they are made from the clothes offcuts, so their eco credentials are great.

The material is bright and retains its colour without much in the way of fade or any bobbling.

Our latest pair

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